Compressed Air

Air is a colorless, odorless, nonflammable gas that Auburn customers can acquire from Spec Air Specialty Gases.

The calibration and monitoring requirements demanded by the modern marketplace require precise and accurate baselines. The air we breathe, while containing about 21% oxygen in nitrogen, contains a number of other components that may vary by location, climate and immediate environment. Generally speaking the concentrations of these different components are the subject of the measurement. In many cases, just filtering ambient air can eliminate most of the particulate contamination but is not able to consistently provide a stable “zero” baseline.

PurityPlus Air, Zero Air and Ultra Zero Air are your best choices for baseline calibration. These products aren’t specialty filtered air, but rather are blends of 21% extremely high purity oxygen in the equivalent purity nitrogen. Depending on the measuring requirements, total impurities can be as low as one part per million, with specific impurity analysis in the 100 part per billion level, or lower.

Spec Air Specialty Gases produces PurityPlus Air that is used in or as a calibration gas for environmental, automobile and diesel engine emissions monitoring, industrial hygiene monitors for flammability, toxicity and explosivity, as well as trace impurity analyzers that monitor compounds that may provide longer term health risks. And PurityPlus Air is also used as a balance gas for many specialty gas mixtures to establish a second point of calibration in addition to the zero level provided by PurityPlus Air itself.

If you are looking for someone to supply specialty air gases in Auburn then you should contact Spec Air Specialty Gases - they are backed by a national network of labs to ensure high purity standards but provide customer service and support in your community. Give them a call today at or contact them through their online form.