Naugatuck Specialty Gas Experts

For high quality PurityPlus specialty gases in Naugatuck, Spec Air Specialty Gases offers the best selection. These certified professional-grade gases conform to PurityPlus quality standards. Spec Air Specialty Gases’s specialty gas laboratory is strategically located to serve the Naugatuck area and our highly trained staff is qualified to assist you with all your specialty gas needs. We take quality seriously and to insure this, we undergo annual third-party audits. We also attend training seminars to maintain our industry-best quality.

Spec Air Specialty Gases is part of the largest independent network of specialty gas producers in North America. We pride ourselves on great customer service and we continue to exceed our customer’s expectations on each order. Our specialty gases are aggressively priced while still having the best quality to meet your needs.

Here at Spec Air Specialty Gases, we strive to be your specialty gas supplier in Naugatuck. To find out more on our line of certified specialty gases for Naugatuck or if you have any questions, go to our specialty gas catalog, please give us a call at or contact us online.